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We are a small team of ingenieurs and a little hard working staff. We founded our company in the beginning of 2004. Our experience and competence serves six fields:

- Oil Absorbent mats for protection belts of sensitice oecologic areas
- Oil Absorbent for streets and water licensed and prooved

6. High value Plastics products like ALU-PET PE rolls
PE RegranulateSchucu UG

We do, what other people don´t want to do or can not do:

Site and general business strategy

Our engineering office is positioned in the middle of Germany to serve you with our know how.

We have certified recycling partners to help you solve your tasks.

We use intelligent recycling - just fitting to your special problem with the right solution.

Due to increasement of our partners`plant capacities and our growing sales department in 2008 we could get better prices. We are glad to give these price reductions further to you.

We offer rubber fibre, comparable to buffings, but with distinctive differences.

We don´t sieve buffings material which normally comes from companies renewing tires.

These rubber particles are like needles in different sizes and length in the way and amount of the customer´s demands.

The density of our rubber fibre compared to cubic granulate is about 25-50 % lower and technical datas for safety parameters or tensile strength are much better. Therefore our customers can safe up to 30 % manufacturing costs using fibre instead of cubic material. Safety mats with fibre can be thinner than mats with normal granulate. Binding material and rubber material can be saved, loan costs lowered and so on.

With our experience in manufacturing rubber fibre and products out of it we would be pleased to consult you on how to replace granulate by fibre rubber.

Our material is produced on new machines using only special parameters to get the best and most elastic fibre you can get:

Super elastic, without dust and dirt 

Compared to buffings we don´t have blue colouring on the material surface, which occures when buffings material is burned. We don´t treat waste. We have a clean valuable input material without textile and metal and the right technology to get a high quality product.


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